Our approach

For the coaching activities the Principal Mind coaches use an approach based on Business Model Generation. 


During the intake the coaches use a questionnaire that covers these areas: 

- Value proposition 

- Key activities 

- Key resources and partners 

- Customer segments 

- Channels 

- Customer relationships 

- Revenue streams 

- Cost structures. 

Based on your current situation and your ambitions the intake will result in a shortlist of your quick wins.


Using the Business Model Canvas, together with the coach you will get a clear view on where your focus should be and consequently, which activities you need to do in which order. The coach will help you formulate a plan of attack and make a planning. 


After the initial two weeks period in Nepal you will continue to work with the coaches, based on the plan of attack. Together you can execute the activities you planned and use our mutual network to enhance your business.



Business Model Generation

Change the way you think about business models

Business Model Generation will teach you powerful and practical innovation techniques used today by leading companies worldwide. You will learn how to systematically understand, design and implement a new business model – or analyze and renovate an old one.


Co-Created by 470 strategy practitioners

Business Model Generation practices what it preaches. Co-authored by 470 Business Model Canvas practitioners from 45 countries, the book was financed and produced independently of the traditional publishing industry. It features a tightly integrated, highly visual design that enables immediate hands-on use. 


Designed for doers

Business Model Generation is for those ready to abandon outmoded thinking and embrace new, innovative models of value creation: executives, consultants, entrepreneurs – and leaders of all organizations.