Nepal Coaching

Projects in Nepal

Principal Mind was founded by Helga Ultzen en Hans Willems. Hans and Helga have visited Nepal several times and are familiar with local culture, customs and challenges.


Principal Mind offers her coaching services in Nepal. In partnership with One to Watch a select number of companies in Nepal are approached that want to expand their business, improve their operations, diversify their markets or get their administration up to par. One to Watch offers background information on the companies involved and initiates the contacts. You are one of the entrepreneurs selected by One to Watch. Coaches of Principal Mind are there to support you, the entrepreneur. We want to work with you on the challenges you are facing. We would like to know how you and Principal Mind can work together to let your business grow and let your community flourish.


It is our intention to build a long lasting relationship with you and your company, so we can support you for a longer period. We start our coaching by visiting Nepal for two weeks. In this time period we will get to know each other by meeting you and your management several times. We visit the production site, so we get a good understanding of your situation and the challenges you are facing. Together with you and your management we analyse your situation and together we will make a plan that will lead to improvements in your business. After our two weeks in Nepal we stay in close contact with you and use our expertise, experience and local network in the Netherlands to continue to assist you and your management for a longer period. We can contact each other by Skype or email.